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How to Prepare For Your Roofing Job

When shingles are delivered to your home, please check the color and Email a confirmation that the material is satisfactory and acceptable to Note: Roofing of your home will not commence until we receive confirmation.

  • Notify your mortgage and insurance company the day you receive your insurance check. This will expedite the inspection and payment process.

  • Be prepared for noise! There will be constant hammering for 2 to 3 days and or the amount of days need to completed all work.

  • Keep children and pets away from the house and work area.

  • Remove all items from around the house where roofing debris or bundles of shingles might fall, such as but not limited to, patio and pool furniture, potted plants and gardening equipment.

  • Leaves or blooms may be knocked off the plants near your home during the job. We try to protect plants, but many times the layout and landscape prevents us from doing so.

  • Remove all loose items from wall shelves and walls; pictures, plates, and figurines, due to the fact that this work can sometimes cause vibrations that could cause items to fall and break.

  • Contents in the attic should be covered when we are performing wood tearoffs, due to the problem with Shingles that could fall into the attic.

  • We will need access to your driveway to load shingles and clean up. Please park your car(s), Motorcycles, Bicycles, Boats etc. away from the driveway.

  • Occasionally, we will use power tools to cut decking or shingles. When we do, please check your power breakers to make sure they are operating correctly and have not been tripped.

  • Precautions are taken to prevent gutter damage however, there are instances when damage to gutters are unavoidable, especially on very steep roofs and or with surrounding gutters.

  • Occasionally, nail pops or cracks may occur in drywall during roofing which falls under the scope of installation and is paid by the insurance company.

  • For each day it rains, work on your roof work will be delayed. Interstate Roofing's workers are instructed not to tearoff more shingles than they can replace in a day, so that your roof is not exposed to inclement weather.

  • Check heater vents upon completion of your roof to make sure that they have not been loosened in the attic. Also check hot water heaters and stove vents. The roofer will do this you if allowed access to your attic.

  • Nails that fall from the roof during the job will be picked up with a nail magnet. We make every effort to pick up all nails. Please be advised, however, that a few nails hidden in the grass or shrubbery may remain.

  • Make all payment(s); to Interstate Commercial Construction Company.

Interstate Roofing does not anticpate leaks; however, they may occur. It is your responsibility to notify Interstate Roofing of any and all leaks immediately for repairs. Interstate Roofing will not be held responsible for damages from leaks you failed to report.